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The first of its kind in Essex County, Massachusetts, the proposed Equestrian Histories gallery will be an evolving exhibit dedicated to inspiring discovery of the rich equestrian history that helps define Boston’s North Shore. Whether visitors are avid equestrians, non-rider enthusiasts, or young people eager to learn more about these magnificent animals and their 6,000-year partnership with humankind, there will be something here for everyone. Designed by world-class museum curators and exhibit researchers, each year the gallery will focus on the horse in sport—a hands-on experience engineered from its inception to meet the expectations of modern museum visitors and their families.

Gallery and legacy naming, private and corporate donor opportunities available. Please contact Kristin Z. Noon, Executive Director at 978-468-2377 Ext.102

About Us

Equestrian History for Everyone

Wenham Museum proudly announces the proposed creation of a gallery dedicated to the history of the horse in sport. The first of its kind in Essex County, Massachusetts, the proposed Equestrian Histories gallery will be an evolving exhibit dedicated to inspiring discovery of the rich equestrian history that helps denote Boston’s North Shore.

A diverse collection of artifacts and the exhibit design will inform the equestrian and educate the non-rider across a spectrum of age groups:

Beginning with children, the gallery will provide learning opportunities, programs, and offer engaging hands-on activities designed to teach the 6,000 year-old relationship between humans and the horse. Additional topics include physiology, preservation of open land, architecture, and the horse’s connection to military history from the Revolutionary War to the modern Olympics.

Adult equestrians and heritage visitors will learn the interconnected stories that capture the origins of the equine partnership with humankind in sport and commerce.


    Kristin Z. Noon, Executive Director; Peter G. Gwinn, Director of External Affairs; Winifred Perkin Gray, Chair. Committee: Augusta Ayer, Neil Ayer, Jr., Randy Ayer, Barbara Watkoff Brown, Donald Curiale, Kim Cutler, MaryAnn Esdaile, Donald V. Little, Jr., Holly Little, Judith Little, Jenny Perkin, Peter Poor, Holliday Pulsifer, Holly Shepherd, Eleanor Van Alen, Alexandra Gray Wiberg, Jackie McKenna, Scribe


    up to $100,000
    The Perkin Fund, Winifred Perkin Gray, Mr. Neil R. Ayer, Jr.

    World Champion
    up to $50,000
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Richey, Jr., Ms. Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld

    Grand Prix
    up to $25,000
    Mr. William S. Farish, III, Mr. and Mrs. Summerfield K. Johnston, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Dave Page, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Pulsifer

    up to $10,000
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cheston, Mr. and Mrs. David de Sieyes, Mrs. Mary R. Dearborn, Mr. E. Stanley Dodge, Ms. Winifred P. Gray, Ms. Dianne Griswold Johnston, Mr. Robert S. Perkin, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Perkin, Mr. Campbell Steward, Ms. Alexandra Gray Wiberg

    up to $5,000
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard R.C. Ayer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Carroll, Centennial Farms, LLC, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Chu, Ms. Kim Cutler, Mrs. Betty Ellis, Mrs. Mary Ann Esdaile, Ms. Ann Getchell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jacobs, Mrs. Donald V. Little, Mr. John C. Oxley, Mr. and Mrs. Will Pingree, Mrs. Walter A. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Derek A. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wilkinson

    Blue Ribbon
    up to $2,500
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua T. Anderson, Mr. Daniel Bacon, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bartolotti, Mr. Peter Brant, Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Britton, Mrs. Barbara Watkoff Brown, Mr. Paul Buddenhagen, Ms. Terri Z. Campbell, Mr. Russell B. Clark, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William R. Coke, Mr. and Mrs. Franz F. Colloredo-Mansfeld, Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Crocker, Mr. Donald Curiale, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Dane, Mr. Henry P. Davison, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eddy, Mr. Scott S. Fabyan, Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Fallon, Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Fallon, Mr. Anthony M. Feeherry, Sheldon W. Frisch, Ms. Suzanne Lake Giles, Renee Gilmer, Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Gourdeau, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Graham, Ted Gray, Mr. Matthew P. Gray, Ms. Judy Gregg, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grigg, Mrs. Katrina B. Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Johnstone, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. D. Alexander Koso, Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawrence, John H. Lichten, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lucy, Christine Lutts, Ms. Susanne MacDonald, Ms. Nancy MacGown, Mr. Michael Mars, Peter Miller, Elizabeth B. Morris, Ms. Jeanne L. Nicholson, Lena Granberg Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. O’Connell, David O’Hara, Ms. Pamela Okerholm, Ms. Eleanor J. Perkins, Ms. Katharine Pickering, Ms. Marlene M. Pippins, Ms. Amy R. Proctor, Patricia L. Ray, Ms. Louise Rothery, Mrs. G. Neal Ryland, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schrage, Mr. Crocker Snow, Mr. and Mrs. David C. Strouss, Mr. Eugene Survillo, Jr., Mrs. Ingrid J. Swanson, Mrs. Margaret K. Timpson, Mr. and Mrs. E. David Wanger, Ms. Jule Gourdeau Whelan, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. White, Mr. and Mrs. Anders Wiberg, Mr. John Winthrop, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wywoda, Tm Landscaping, Welch & Forbes LLC, Iron Tree Service, Wildfire Catering, Myopia Driving Club, Robin’s Nest Designs, SRH Veterinary Services, Camille Valentine, Willowdale Associates
  • Working together to share over 150 years of places, riders, and horses...

    The future collection, exhibits, and educational programs will include but are not limited to:

    • Daniel Fuller Appleton in 1866 who re-acquires original land in 1638 Appleton land grant and expands farm to nearly 1000 acres;
    • 1887 Polo begins on Gibney Field, at the Myopia Hunt Club on Bay Road, Hamilton – the field is still in use today;
    • 1902 Judge Moore’s world class Hackney show horse stable in NJ moves 50 horses each summer to “Rockmarge” in Pride’s Crossing.
    • Moore golfs with President Taft, yachts, and shows horses annually at Olympia in England;
    • 1961 Essex county Greenbelt Association formed to expand local open space preservation efforts;
    • 1964 Windrush Farm, North Andover is founded by Marg Kittredge, one of the first equine- assisted therapy programs in the United States;
    • 1967 Hollywood arrives in Hamilton with Steve McQueen for the movie The Thomas Crown Affair shot at Myopia Polo field;
    • Ledyard International Horse Trials, Neil Ayer, Sr., Organizer, brings international riders including HM Princess Ann to Essex County, MA;
    • Waldingfield Driving Trial – initiates new simplified form of driving competition, and more!
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